Afro Caribbean Hair Leamington Spa: Two Facts to Learn from Men’s Barbers

The UK was no exception either. Sporting a distinctly Afro Caribbean hair  Leamington Spa and other places in the country at that time was more about making a statement, unmistakeably political, and had had little to do with flaunting a signature look or creating a fashionable appearance. Having a characteristically Afro hair during those years was no less than voicing and showcasing your black identity confidently and with utmost pride. First surfaced in the US in 1960, the natural hair movement gained enough momentum among the Afro-Americans as well as the global black diaspora during the latter half of the Year of Africa and the early 1970s includes Afro Caribbean hair  Leamington Spa. Kinky, dark, curly, and tight; Afro hair is rightly acknowledged as one of the sexiest hairstyles around the world. With its re-emergence in the recent past, now is the time to learn a few intriguing stuff about Afro hair shared by one of the most sought-after men’s barbers Leamington Spa. NO TWO AFRO CARIBBEAN HAIRSTYLES ARE DEEMED IDENTICAL When you have afro hair at your disposal, you are entitled to spirals, curls, and an entire array of styles in between! For the uninitiated, regarded as one of the hair classification frameworks that the learned consumers worldwide continue to use in the present era, the Andre Walker system categorizes hair in four broad categories 1 to 4, each being further divided into three sub-types A to C. For instance, while 4C indicates tight coils, 1A refers to straight hair. You can visit any of the most respected men’s barbers Leamington Spa and understand what kind of hair you may be having in reality. THE INTERESTING NAMING HISTORY OF DREADLOCKS Although a vast majority of people mistakenly believe that the dreadlocks are a direct outcome of Rastafarianism, it was historically introduced by the Ethiopian guerrilla warriors. They took a vow of not shaving their hair until the then emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, was freed from exile after marshaling the resistance and launching a full-scale retaliation against the invasion of Italy. Their hair became dull, starting to lock eventually, and as people dreaded the soldiers with locks all around their heads, the word dreadlocks came into existence. If you are toying with the idea of getting the dreadlocks, you should seriously consider visiting any of the most trusted men’s barbers Leamington Spa, such as the Flex Barbers. THE BOTTOM LINE Afro hair is simply amazing! It is blissfully full, mesmerizingly thick, sinfully curly, and unapologetically charged with a truckload of kink!! Enough said. If you are planning a healthy natural hair upgrade anytime soon, do remember to get in touch with the Flex Barbers, which happens to be one of the most acclaimed men’s barbers Leamington Spa.