At Flex Barbers, we believe in dedication and effortless techniques that perfectly blends with your style. Our barbers have a great understanding of your hairstyle preferences and our skincare experts offer flawless facial treatments to make you look as rejuvenated as possible. Let’s explore through our services-


At Flex Barbers, we always offer refreshing and relaxing facial treatment for men that eradicates all the dirt from your face, leaving it soft, glowing and clean. The exfoliating massage therapy is followed by the application of regenerating masks which restore the beauty and protect your skin from further damage. The combating element present in the product, work deep into your pores and cleanses from within. The skin facials are specially designed for moisture deprived skin. With moisture rich and quality skin facial products, now you can expect your face to be properly hydrated and nourished. Our advanced skin care practitioners, ensure you to get a smooth, bright and even toned look without any dark spots. By removing the toxins, you can get a naturally beautiful face.


Following the contemporary trend, skin fade hairstyle is actually booming. Being one of the popular haircut choices for men, it entails very less hair on the back and sides of your head which is great if you want to create a break between your beard and hair. At Flex Barbers, the expert hairdressers offer both low and high skin fade hairstyling, almost everything that you had in mind. The talented barbers offer variations of skin fade style in order to give you that striking and chic look. The unique haircut is like a rhythm which is made using both small and fast strokes rather than long strokes. Additionally, the fading brush clears the area to help you get that extra sharp look with integrating slick back hair. You can also create your own style with the help of our fade masters. Flex barbers extend their services to areas like Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and Coventry. We are happy to hear from you. So, when are you booking us next?