Stylise yourself with Skin Fade Haircuts this Season

Fashion and trends keep changing with time. Men’s fashion too has taken a leap from classic haircuts as they are more concerned about hairstyles now. With several trending haircuts like the pompadour, messy textures, Spikes, crops and fringes skin fade haircuts are the new trendsetters. If you are trying to go with the trend or want to experiment with your hair then let us give you some ideas to follow. Be rest assured that you will be the Talk of the town with your new haircut by following these ideas.

What is a skin fade haircut?

In a skin fade haircut, the hair is cut shorter towards the neck and at the same length all around the head.

How is a skin fade haircut done?

The styling here needs to be done with the hair rolled up on the head. The faded part can be left untouched and still will look good with adequate styling. You just need an expert barber with amazing experience with scissors.

Types of Skin fade haircuts that you may choose:

  • One of the most classic haircuts that mix a retro side parting with a skin fade.
  • Pompadour is a popular hairstyle back in 2016. Combined with a skin fade it will give you a versatile look.
  • If you have a long hair, you may go for Quiff. Here, the hair needs to be at least 2 inches long. Brush and blow-dry your hair at the same time.
  • Achieving a skin fade with curls is not difficult anymore. If you let the upper hair grow and fade on the side and back, then it will look unique.
  • Achieve an insanely, dapper look with slicked back hairstyle. This haircut gives a classic appearance.

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